BAFTA ones-to-watch nominated couch-competitive. Four cultists squabble over items to sacrifice on their pentagrams (C#, Unity).


A prototype grand-strategy in which the player's trading company extends a network of trade across the spine of bronze-age Asia (C#, Unity/XML).


3D gravity puzzle, in which a procedurally generated labyrinth can only be navigated by turning the world on its side at the crank of a lever (C#, Unity).

Al's Lab

A mobile puzzle chemistry prototype with educational mechanics. A team project on which I lead the game's design, and programmed some small features (C#, Unity).


A twitch-skill fast-paced platformer. Stick to your colour when the screen is coloured - stick to your pattern when the screen turns grey! Created at Abertay's GDS game jam (C#, Unity).