Thomas Slade





Thomas Slade
Programming, Game Design

Andrew Fullarton
Production, Game Design

Nikos Kondylis

Dale Smith
Audio Design, Audio Engineering

Cari Watterton
Art, Animation

Pentagrab was our project for the Dare to be Digital contest of 2016, in which teams developed games over a 3-month period before exhibiting them in Dundee's city centre. Our game won a BAFTA ones-to-watch nomination, as well as the public choice award.

The game is a 2D 4-player couch-competitive, in which players need to sacrifice the correct items to gain points, but can also sabotage other players by placing the wrong items on their pentagrams. The game was created in Unity, and we conceived our first prototype at the 2016 Global Game Jam (where the theme was 'ritual').

I worked on Pentagrab as a programmer and designer.

  • Iterated design from game-jam prototype to award-nominated game.
  • Oversaw playtests to diagnose issues with User Experience and system design. Directed team efforts to address these issues.
  • Managed the input of the team. Investigated design disagreements diplomatically, and handled scheduling pragmatically.
  • Designed and programmed UI and tutorial features. Implemented art and animations.